Monday, November 1, 2010

Looking for actors!

Do you act?  Do you write?  Do you want to spread the gospel on Twitter?  Do you want to experience the Christmas story with new depth?  We need you!

Christmas: A Twitter Reenactment (CaTR 2010) is looking for actors to pull off the show.  We need willing souls to play the part of 20 characters, using Twitter accounts to recreate the Christmas story in live-time on Thursday, Dec. 16th, 7-10pm CST.

Read the full actor requirements here:   

And view a list of characters here:

All inquiries please contact me, the producer (

Please pray about this opportunity!  As head writer and an actor for EaTR earlier this year, I [the producer] can testify that it's an incredibly rewarding experience.  I viewed the Biblical story in new depth, and the training has served me invaluably as I’ve pursued screenwriting.  If you’re looking to break into filmmaking, this is an excellent opportunity!  No previous experience necessary.

If you know of anyone that would be interested, please pass the message on!  Even if you can’t act, please consider following the official list and spreading the word.  We need your help!

Thanks much!

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